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                              Palm Springs



Iguanas, dates, palm trees (which do not cast much shade – just sayin) and brilliant, hot sunshine are the first four things that come to mind when I think of the Palm Desert region of Riverside County.  Even though sometimes the heat there is so hot that it is literally dangerous for people to be outside in it for extended periods of time, there is, none-the-less, a soulfully compelling temptation to ignore that risk and feel that special basking heat against your skin.  In the desert, Mother Nature’s summons can be overwhelming, which is why desert shade is everywhere in Riverside County.

Training horses on Merv Griffin's Ranch in La Quinta

The criteria for owning a home in these desert California cities is fairly consistent.  It is criteria that in most cases transcends granular market value.  Choosing a home here is predominantly based upon a few basic feel-good factors.    In fact, there are only four small groups of considerations of virtually everyone who either owns a home or is considering owning a home in the desert:


                                                                          *Golf & horses

                                                                          *Golf-Cart access & bridle trails through the community

                                                                          *Awnings, sun-screen, AC & swimming pool

                                                                          *Vodka & ice

                                                                                                                                              [ although not necessarily in that order ]




Canopy Awnings at PGA West Golf Course


You certainly do not need to live in the desert to enjoy the desert.  Anyone can enjoy a golf course in a tournament or as a visitor at PGA West or most of the other fabulous golf courses in the area; but to have your own golf-cart to take you and the grand-kids to Johnny Rockets for an ice-cream shake on a cool Sunday autumn afternoon is priceless.  Unfortunately for tourists, this is one of life’s little pleasures that is reserved for the residents of these amazing and beautiful shaded desert communities.


Vodka is obviously a metaphor for your favorite beverage however consumed.  The need for a beverage in the desert, especially water is as poignant as the need for shelter.  The sun is special in the desert of southern California.  It is very hot, however it is a particularly dry heat (with regard to humidity).  The feeling there in the ambient outdoor air – day or night – is as distinguishable as that of Hawaii – (the perfect example of tropical weather).  If either location is not your home, then one thing is certain:  when you are there, you know you are in a special climate, and it most certainly does not feel like that at home.


Most everyone gets bottled water in one form or another, and of course every home owner has a roof  covering their home.  There is, however, one note-worthy cultural phenomenon that becomes obvious as you look at the communities of PGA West or La Quinta or Indian Wells or Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage.  Its Shade!  Shade provided by awnings, canopies, sail-shades, slide-on-wire or drop rolls that cover patios, pools, windows and doorways.   Just browsing through the suburban paradise, the desert streets in these communities display awnings is just about every style, shape, size and color on earth.


PGA West is a partner of All American Awnings, Inc. .   is a preferred vendor of PGA West.  All over the community of PGA West are examples of All American Awnings, Inc.  These homes and golf courses are manicured to the nth degree to assure that every single day the properties in these communities are essentially, “camera-ready” – (as if they were going to be used in a movie). 


Nearly every single edifice, weather a home or business is or will soon be outfitted with a custom made awning, retractable awning, drop roll, security shutter or canopy of shade.  It is an absolute necessity, because the temperatures in the desert most of the year are at or above 90 degrees.   The UV rays are especially powerful out in the desert.  That is why you should make sure that you are getting the most out of your condo in La Quinta or your ranch in Rancho Mirage by installing high quality, long-lasting shades, i.e., awnings, which can be fixed or retractable, and they can be either manual (crank) or motorized (remote) for your convenience. 


Fun fact:  There are more homes in the combined cities of PGA West, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Palm Desert with manufactured shade affixed to them per square mile than anywhere else in the world.   The physical comfort, the security, the stylish curb appeal, the privacy, the utilitarian Alumawood, slide-on-wire, and retractable awnings, the ease of use, the tremendous savings in monthly energy cost, heck! the keeping up with the Jones’ are all far beyond posh or trendy considerations.  Unless you never plan to go outside (sorry to hear that), awnings are an absolute necessity in the desert.  They are a way of life.  A physical edict, if-you-will.  Have you ever seen a convertible golf-cart in Palm Springs?  In Indio? Of course not.  Everyone driving a golf-cart has people-made shade above their head.


Indian Land  Palm Springs

If you are living in any of these desert cities or if you are living in a city or town next to these cities, please understand this:  You can get vodka at any grocery store.  Most every dwelling in the desert has an air conditioner inside.  A pool is a pool; and frankly speaking; most of the time, it’s too hot outside to even look at the damn thing.  You can get Spf 80 sun-screen at CVS; but you can only get the best-made shade products in Riverside County from All American Awnings of Palm Desert. 760-334-3482..  Ask for Kyle.


Google has really done a fantastic job making it easier and easier to get the information you want with the fewest number of clicks.  It is in that spirit that we have provided links directly to the site and the phone number is in the tag.  714-943-4591.  In most cases, if you are located in La Quinta or Indian Wells, or PGA West or Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage or basically anywhere in Riverside County it might just be easier to just Google, “awnings near me” or “shade near me” or “canopy near me” or something like that.  You’ll see us at the top of the page.  Of course, you can always click here