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Awnings Palm Desert

In Palm Desert, it is absolutely essential for homes and businesses to have proper shade solutions. That is why, here at All American Awnings we offer a wide variety of stylish and long-lasting awnings for all of your needs. Awnings and canopies fulfil a number of purposes including energy savings, weather protection, style and architectural aesthetics, and more! Let us be your expert guides in meeting your awning needs. 

We cater to both residential and commercial awning services and we have been offering awning solutions since 1985. With our many years of experience, our clients in Palm Desert can be assured that they will be provided with the highest quality service.  Our professional staff will work with you from step one to completion to design the perfect shade solution. Whether you are looking to create a comfortable and unique patio area for your home or enhance your business image.

All of our awnings are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer awning solutions with customizable fabrics, materials, frame colors, features, shapes, and patterns. 

Enhance your home or business with one of the following awning options:

Residential Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings can be the perfect addition to your home in Palm Desert.  Here at All American Awnings, INC., we fabricate fixed awnings in custom-made lengths, widths, and heights to fit your space perfectly. Our fixed awnings can be customized to fit your patio, windows, or doors, as well as complement your unique style. You are able to choose from a wide variety of fabrics, such as the traditional canvas or acrylics that are available in many different colors and stripes. We understand that no two homes are the same, that’s why our team will meet with you to discuss how our fixed awnings can fit your unique needs. Our experts will then assist you on which fabric, color, and placement will be best for your awning. If you already own a fixed awning, but it is damaged or looking worn out, you can also count on our team to help you repair it.

Aluminum Patio Covers

At All American Awnings, INC., our durable, aluminum patio covers will outlast any other type of cover on the market today and give your Palm Desert home year-round protection. Some of the benefits of aluminum patio covers is that they will not twist, warp, rot, burn, split, grow mildew, attract termites, or splinter like wood does, keeping your home protected and safe from all types of weather forecasts. Our aluminum patio covers also add a touch of beauty and comfortability to any space.  

Retractable Awnings

Have fun in the Palm Desert sun or chill in the shade with an All American Awnings, INC., retractable awning. These dynamic awnings give you complete control to increase your outdoor living space as well as improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Our retractable awnings are available in both manual and motorized versions, and available in a variety of colors.

If you live in Palm Desert, California, count on All American Awnings INC. to help you with the installation, reparations, or maintenance of your retractable awning. 

Retractable Patio Cover

Retractable Sunscreens

Retractable Sunscreens are perfect for Palm Desert homes, because of their functionality and practicality. You can choose to have your shades down to protect you and your furniture from sun exposure or easily roll them up to blend with your home or business’ aesthetic.  You can count on our professional team at All American Awnings of Palm Desert to assist you in deciding the right color and texture for your shades as well as the installation. 

Slide-on Wire Shades

With our slide-on wire shades you are able to simply adjust the amount of sunlight that reaches your Palm Desert patio or business. Because of the many different settings available on our slide-on wire sunshade, Palm Desert home and business owners can be comfortable and relaxed every day! Our slide-on wire shades are available in all colors and come in both motorized and manual versions so you can customize your shades according to your needs.  And you never have to worry All American Awnings of Palm Desert, because our products and installation services come with an unconditional lifetime warranty!  

Security Shutters

Security shutters are ideal for providing security, style, and comfort for your home or business.  Our eco-friendly shutters offer insulation and protection year-round. Allow All American Awnings, INC. to make your Palm Desert home more energy efficient with our security shutters, which keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are perfect for Palm Desert vacation homes or Airbnb rentals so you can protect your carpets, drapes, and furniture from fading year-round! 


No Palm Desert home is complete without a backyard cabana. All American Awnings of Palm Desert cabanas offer comfort and protection as they have the ability to block off the forces of the natural elements. Cabanas can make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation in your own backyard.  They offer privacy, protection, and create a space for outdoor entertainment.  You can create your perfect backyard with this simple addition.

Make the most out of your Palm Desert home or business with All American Awnings, INC.  We are here to assist you in all of your shade needs including installation and repairs. Our manufacturers will measure, draw, and design every product accurately to match your exact requirements.  Whenever you need retractable awnings, aluminum patio covers, residential fixed awnings, drop rolls, slide on wire sunshades, security shutters, windows security shutters, or cabanas for your Palm Desert home, you can count on us.