Rancho Mirage Commercial Awnings

Rancho Mirage is a town that offers it’s residents and visitors the perfect combination of beauty, value, and comfort. And with a year round average temperature of 88 degrees,  it is absolutely necessary for homes and businesses to have proper shade solutions. That is why, here at All American Awnings we offer a wide variety of stylish and long-lasting awnings for all of your needs.

If you  are a business owner in Rancho Mirage, you have to invest in awning solutions so your guests can feel comfortable and at ease in your establishment.  Our awnings and canopies serve many purposes including energy savings, weather protection, architectural aesthetics, and more! 

Commercial Awning Fixed with Valence

At All American Awnings of Palm Desert, we have been offering the home and business owners of Rancho Mirage awnings of every style, function and color imaginable since Ronald Reagan was president. Because of our many years of experience, our Rancho Mirage awnings  clients can be assured that they will be provided with the highest quality service. All American Awnings of Palm Desert products are designed to meet the specific needs of each location. We offer awning solutions with customizable fabrics, materials, frame colors, features, shapes, and patterns.  Enhance your Rancho Mirage home or business with one of the following awning options:

Rancho Mirage Residential Awnings

Rancho Mirage awnings for residential or commercial applications will provide protection from the sun, at the same time adding style and flare to your beautiful desert home.  Our experts will assist you on which fabric, color, and placement will be best for your awning. If you already own a fixed awning, but it is damaged or looking worn out, you can also count on our team to help you with any Rancho Mirage awning repairs or Rancho Mirage awning recovers.  We understand that no two Rancho Mirage homes are the same, that’s why our team of professionals will meet with you to discuss how our fixed awnings can fit your specific needs.

All American Awnings of Palm Desert manufactures fixed awnings in custom-made lengths, widths, and heights to fit your space perfectly. Our fixed awnings can be customized to fit your patio, windows, or doors, as well as complement your home’s unique style. You are able to choose from a wide variety of fabrics, such as the traditional canvas or acrylics that are available in many different colors and stripes.

Rancho Mirage Retractable Awnings

The beauty of an All American Awnings of Palm Desert retractable awning is that you are able to actually use more of the property you're paying for instead of just looking at it.  Rancho Mirage is expensive (the price per square foot is among the highest in the country).  With that in mind, don't you think you should be enjoying the grounds that immediately surround your house?    Rancho Mirage awnings answer that rhetorical question.   Our dynamic awnings give you complete control to increase your outdoor living space and make your house the perfect spot for outdoor gatherings.  Rancho Mirage retractable awnings are available in both manual and motorized versions, and available in a variety of colors.


If you live in Rancho Mirage, you can’t go wrong with our durable retractable awnings.  All American Awnings of Palm Desert is here to help you with the installation, reparations, or maintenance of your retractable awning so you can enjoy unobstructed views from your very own yard.

Rancho Mirage Awning Recovers

Awning recovers are often needed to repair tears or worn-out canvas.  At All American Awnings, INC’s we provide awning recovers so you're Rancho Mirage awnings can always look and function as good as new. No matter what kind of awning you have, recovering your awning with quality fabric from All American Awnings, INC. is important to do if you want to keep things fresh and updated. Our awning recovers are meant for the strongest resistance and will last for many years.  Allow us to restore your  Rancho Mirage home’s awnings to their original beauty with our awning recovers.

Blue free standing canopies at PGA West

Drop Roll Shades

Drop roll shades are perfect for Rancho Mirage homes because they are extremely effective in providing protection from sun, wind and rain, as well as adding desired privacy. With our drop-roll shades, you have the option to have your shades down to protect you and your furniture from sun exposure or easily roll them up to blend with your home or business’ aesthetics.  Our professional Rancho Mirage team at All American Awnings, INC., can easily and quickly install drop roll shades. We can also help you choose the right color and texture for your drop roll shades as well as help with the installation process.

 Slide-on Wire Shades

Add shade and style to your yard with our slide-on wire shades!! With these shades, you can easily adjust the amount of sunlight that reaches your Rancho Mirage patio or business. Because of the many different settings available on our slide-on wire sunshade, Rancho Mirage home and business owners can be comfortable and relaxed every day, no matter what the weather! Our slide-on wire shades are available in all colors and come in both motorized and manual versions so you can customize your shades according to your needs. 


Living in Rancho Mirage means living with lots of sunshine. That is why Alumawood is the perfect material for your Rancho Mirage home! It is made of embossed aluminum with a textured wood grain finish that requires very little maintenance or upkeep. Unlike wood, Alumawood won't crack, peel, warp, or rot. Allow All American Awnings, INC. to make your Rancho Mirage to extend your living space and create the years of your dreams with our alumawood patio covers. 

Aluminum Patio Covers

At All American Awnings, INC., our long-lasting, aluminum patio covers will endure more than any other type of cover on the market today and give your Rancho Mirage home year-round protection.   These covers are perfect for Rancho Mirage vacation homes or Airbnb rentals because they can resist the sun, rain, and other types of difficult weather better than wood. And you never have to worry when working with All American Awnings, INC., because our products and installation services come with an unconditional lifetime warranty!



 Our professional staff will work with every step of the way to help you find and design your perfect shade solution. Whether you are looking to create a relaxing and unique patio area for your home or enhance your business image, our team at All American Awnings Rancho Mirage, caters to both residential and commercial awning services and

Maximize the potential of your beautiful Rancho Mirage home or business with All American Awnings, INC.  Enjoy your outdoor living space year round, while adding value and curb appeal.  Whenever you need retractable awnings, aluminum patio covers, residential fixed awnings, drop rolls, slide on wire sunshades, security shutters, windows security shutters, or cabanas for your Rancho Mirage home, call All American Awnings Inc.!